Things That You Must Know About Concrete Raising

Things That You Must Know About Concrete Raising

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There are many occasions, that you find that your concrete slabs have become too unstable or its support has become sunken and therefore you need to raise the concrete level. Such things are often found either in the old property or where construction was done by any untrained or inexperienced contractor at Houston.

There is one latest method used for concrete raising Houston, which is done by using polyurethane material and therefore this method is known as polyurethane concrete raising. In this method, the foam material is injected by using certain technique under the slab. These are the components of polyurethane material which after getting injected under the slab a chemical reaction takes place. Due to this chemical reaction the components of polyurethane get expanded.

The polyurethane material is usually injected under the slab by drilling small holes on the slab. The material then gets expanded and all the void that are present under the slab gets filled up. This will help the slab to raise up due to expansion of polyurethane material.

There are number of professional companies in Houston can take up such concrete raising work. In case of concrete raising used by this method the holes are much smaller in diameter as compared to mud jacking methods. Therefore, the holes drilled on the concrete slabs are hardly visible to anyone after the job is successfully completed by the contractor. This method can be applied in places like patios, sidewalks, driveways, stoops and steps and they become much safer and stable at very little cost. However, the benefits are maximum.

Following are few factors that helps in sinking the concrete slab.

  • Poor soil condition

Soils that are clay-rich are usually very elastic in nature. Due to moisture they may either expand or contract. When due to presence of water in the soil, it becomes saturated then the clay gets expanded and its strength reduces. This helps the slabs to sink down. This may happen either due to rain, snowfall or plumbing leaks etc.

  • Compaction

Often backfilled soils are used during the construction of the house. If these soils are not properly compacted then backfill will unevenly get compacted and the slab may sink

  • Tree roots

Large tree shrubs can consume plenty of water and if they are located near the slab then it can cause settling of slab.

  • Erosion

If the drainage is not proper and also misplaced downspouts may also be the reason for creating instability in saturated soils. This also causes sinking of slabs.