SonicWall Capture Features

SonicWall Capture Features

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Over the years, Dell has been one of the leading computer brands because of the quality of their products and software. Software and product quality are very important in terms of computer because these two things are the main elements of a good and lasting computer. Computers cost a lot of money and it is a form of an investment so it should last for a few years at least.

Today, Dell has new software called SonicWall Capture, which has good features that everyone would surely love. Computer security is important because this is what protects your computer from malwares and computer attacks. With the many sites that we open every day, there is a great possibility that we are exposed to these attacks. SonicWall Capture is a great protection to have to prevent your computer from getting attacks and receiving malwares, which could destroy it.

Here are the following features of SonicWall Capture:

Analysis of multi-engine solution

SonicWall Capture is more than just a firewall because of these new features. This multi-engine advanced threat analysis is a one of a kind feature that makes a great difference in computer security. This is because it detects and prevents zero-day attacks. It also blocks known and possible malware intrusions. If suspicious files are detected, it will automatically be sent to SonicWall Capture’s cloud service for analysis.

Broad file type analysis

SonicWall Capture analyzes every file type received by your computer to prevent malware threats. The administrator of the computer can adjust which file types should be analyzed for their convenience. SonicWall Capture supports Windows, Android and MacOSX environment so almost everyone can really enjoy this software.

Block until verdict is determined

This feature will block any possible malware and threats until they are all proven to be otherwise. These files will be held at the gateway until a verdict is given.

Faster response of remediation signatures

When a malicious file is detected, particular signature will be sent to the subscribers of SonicWall Capture so that they can prevent follow-on attacks.

Reporting and notifications

There will be an at-a-glance dashboard reports provided by SonicWall Capture for the user’s convenience. It will also alert the user for possible threats during the session.

SonicWall Capture is truly evolutionary software because of its new and advanced features, which provide convenience and security to the users. Get this software and enjoy these features to have a safe and peaceful computer usage.