How to Maintain your Wheel Loader Properly

How to Maintain your Wheel Loader Properly

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There are several types of loaders. Although, they are used for almost the same purpose, their definition will vary based on the size of the loader. Broadly classified, there are some types of loaders such as articulated, rigid bodied, conventional front wheel steering and skid steering.

Maintenance of the wheel loader

In order to make sure the reliability of your wheel loader, regular maintenance work should be completed on its diesel engine. It is imperative to keep the engine in excellent condition to make your loader can perform various kinds of tasks at utmost efficiency. Nonetheless, prior to carrying out any maintenance work to the engine, you should thoroughly observe all safety measures, especially when working with the engine of the wheel loader. Understanding and observing all safety measures will be the best protection against accidents. Let us share some important tips on how you can safely carry out maintenance work to the diesel engine of your wheel loader.

Wheel Loader Properly

Comprehensive understanding of the user manual

You along with all operating personnel must read and understand the manual along with other instructions relating to the operation of the engine. You should be familiar with all engine parts and how they work. It is important to be familiar with the wheel loader along with its performance limits.

Turn off engine during maintenance

You should always switch off the engine during maintenance, repairs, refuelling and cleaning. The engine should also be switched off prior to checking the oil level, replacing the oil filter and changing oil. However, when refuelling the engine, make sure no one is smoking nearby so that there will be no sources of sparks present in the area.

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Let the motor cool down

Prior to starting any kind of maintenance work, which can be cleaning of the engine or servicing of the engine, it is highly pertinent that you allow the motor to cool down first. In addition, allow the exhaust and exhaust pipe to cool initially prior to touching it, as it can cause burns. Do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is running or still hot. If the radiator cap is removed too early, hot water can splash out and cause serious burns to people working on the engine.

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You should buy a loader from a reputable company that will offer you after sale maintenance. However, for best knowledge on loaders, you can log on to