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Freelancing is one of the fields which is getting popular nowadays. Being a freelancer, one is not committed to any employer. It can be done even in leisure time. Some people do freelance writing jobs because of their love for writing. Some do freelancing to earn money for living.

The internet is a major tool to land a freelance writing job. How to get freelance writing jobs online? It’s a question which lingers in every individual’s mind. One must have a good internet connection. One must spend adequate time in searching with the help of the internet. There are many content writing agencies online to help an individual to in the freelance content writing job.

There are many websites such as,,, and that deliver content writing services to their clients. These websites deliver articles, blogs, copywriting jobs, academic writing, SEO writing, social media service, product description, travel content, website content, and more types of content as per the requirement placed. Once content requirement is laid, an apt freelance writer suitable for the project is assigned.

You can guest post for free on popular sites and many will see your writing. You might also get a client this way. You can join social media groups also.Look for small content agencies. You will get a better pay, better training if you work for small content writing agencies. Mostly, all agencies will ask the individual to submit a sample to test their language and vocabulary. If they are satisfied they might hire the writer. After getting hired, the content writing agency might add you to the database of writers it has. If they receive a project they might hand it to you if it’s your area of expertise. You can also pitch to the sites that pay. It can be a bit more challenging than landing on a free guest spot. If you have a social media profile make sure you advertise that you’re for hire. Your friends might need a freelance writer and this may help you landing in a gig. Have a network with other freelance writers who might refer a work to you.

If you are into technical writing and you can specify it in your profile. For example, if you are an insurance copywriter, mention it in your profile so that people can find you easily. People who write copies for the insurance companies are known as insurance copywriters. This type of writing includes testimonials, sell sheet, case studies and insurance related information. The target of such writing is to sell the plan  and achieve more customers. Insurance Copywriting requires industry knowledge. Some of the websites which offer insurance copywriting services are,, and

One can get freelance writing jobs online by searching and specifying and narrowing down what kind of freelance jobs they are interested in. They should contact the agencies. This is how one can get a freelance writing job online.

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