Benefits of a Hybrid Document Management System

Benefits of a Hybrid Document Management System

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The paperless office. A dream that many business owners have for the near future; one that will streamline their operations, focus core activities on productive, profit boosting endeavours and free up space from the crowded storage rooms piled high with files and files of physical documents. Document management shouldn’t just be about shifting entirely to a digital process however, hybrid document management systems is a great way to transition, whilst also providing the balance with certain documents that you’ll always be better keeping the authentic original copy of, in its physical form.

Of course, all modern businesses understand why there is a push for the paperless office. Digital document management reduces the amount of paperwork that is required on a day-to-day basis within your office environment. This is the biggest advantage of moving away from physical documentation. You can clear space in your filing cabinets, clear the desks away and start using that back office space for something a little more productive than just a storage facility for old invoices, employee records and business data.

Digital records are much easier to search as a starting point for transitioning to a paperless world. Say that you need to find a specific document from 6 months ago. In a physical storage setting you’ll have to go trawl through your records to find it, and even with the most methodical of archiving systems this will take time. A digital record can be found almost instantly. With a hybrid document management system you can request a physical copy of an archived document, which has been scanned when put away in storage, and within a short period of time this document can be scanned, a digital copy sent to you, and the physical copy available too should you require the authentic copy.

A hybrid system of document management also ensures that certain authentic copies of original physical documents are retained for future use. Some procedures and government regulations ensure that certain documents have to be retained in their physical form in any case, and for business agreements, certain transactions and lease agreements/business property deeds, it is always best to retain the original physical copy in storage, even if you do back this up with a digital copy.

Lastly, on a purely working level, having documents scanned and shared in the cloud can help to maximise the output of your staff. Multiple people can work on one document that is shared through the cloud and easily editable. This modern way of working doesn’t have to impact on the original copy, but you end up with a fluid working process where everything is saved clearly, securely and shared for all necessary parties to work on, wherever they are.

Finding the right company to work with for your document management needs can be difficult, but if you’re not quite sure about moving fully over to a digital world just yet, and are convinced of the merits of keeping some physical files at all times, dependent on their worth and necessity of use, why not look towards a company that can offer a hybrid document management system for you to utilise. Processing documents on a daily basis can be difficult enough for any business, transitioning to a digital, paperless world is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The modern office environment is changing, and document management is a part of that

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