How VoIP can Improve Your Business

How VoIP can Improve Your Business

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As a business develops your staff members may need to speak with customers, colleagues and suppliers in various locations around the world. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a type of communication technology that runs through the internet, rather than through traditional methods of telephony. Turning sound into digital voice communication has a number of benefits to businesses, but first let us take a look at the processes of VoIP itself.

What is VoIP?

Using your internet connection, whether DSL, T1, wireless or broadband cable, VoIP allows you to make cost effective telephone calls instead of your traditional telephone service. Unlike traditional means of telephone communication you are not restricted to local calls only (traditional calls abroad incur a significant cost whereas VoIP is the same price or a low price, no matter where you are calling from or to).

Most VoIP providers offer an enticing monthly subscription service, with a number of calling plans to offer flexibility to businesses that are looking to take the next step in terms of growth. In order for Voice over Internet Protocol to be successful you do require a high-speed internet service to ensure that communication is not delayed or stuttered.

The voice is converted by an Analog Telephone Adapter or IP phone into a digital signal, which is then sent over the internet in data packets close to the destination of the call. From this location it is converted back to an analog signal for the remaining distance through a PSTN. In other cases there are VoIP to VoIP calls where the communication can travel across the Internet in its entirety. Due to the digital nature of the communication VoIP packages you can also include call forwarding, voice messages to emails and caller ID, all helpful processes to a small business that is attempting to grow.

The Benefits of VoIP


There are a number of benefits to a small business to purchasing a VoIP package for the communication efforts of your business.

Lower Your Costs – Especially if your staff needs to make long distance calls you will see a significant reduction in your monthly telephone costs. This can reduce even further if you take into account added extras and features to assist with call waiting and the like, as well as monthly subscription plans.

Flexibility of Use – Using VoIP means that your staff can communicate using your business numbers wherever they are located. If they have high-speed internet access and a set of headphones they can plug in, sign into the business VoIP account via a smartphone application and make calls whether they are in Newcastle or Nairobi.

Bring Your Team Together – Some businesses work best as a remote team due to cost factors. If you have a number of remote workers as part of your team, or staff members are in a different location on business, you can use VoIP communication for team meetings.

If you own a business and are finding your communication costs are increasing, maybe it’s time to take a look at VoIP as a viable alternative to help your business grow.