Ways To Make Homes Last Longer – Building Envelopes And Waterproofing

Ways To Make Homes Last Longer – Building Envelopes And Waterproofing

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The setting up of an envelope waterproofing system deals with all the challenges regarding the roof, terrace, podiums and the base of the building.  The part of your home which feels the nature’s hard side is the exterior part. Be it cold, hot, or rainy. The structure of your home has to withstand the attack of natural elements.

There are various sites which provide information about the building envelopes and the waterproofing mechanisms; one of them being soprema.ca.

As the years pass by wear and tear of the house is inevitable. The roofs, stucco, gutters etc all start to leak. If they all are not given proper attention, the mold and moisture will cause the structure to rot away. The best way to avoid a big house renovation is to take ample measures beforehand.

What is a building envelope?

The building envelope is a kind of physical barrier between the interior and exterior parts of the house. The parts of an envelope are the doors, roofs, foundation, the walls and fenestrations. Fenestrations are any openings in the structure.

Some solutions are given below:

  • Floor joints and foundation walls:

The foundation wall or the joints in the floor is the area where water is most likely to be collected. By making sure that the building envelope is water tight, all the problems regarding the leakage can be taken care of. Proper waterproof membranes and sealants are used. This step can prolong the life of your basement to a huge extent.

A foundation drain is installed along the foundation of the building. These drains effectively remove any standing or stagnating water along the foundation of the building.

  • Green roofs and Terrace Planters:

A green roof refers to a roof which is covered by plants which are grown over waterproof membranes. The absorption of rainwater is the best benefit of such a roof. Similarly, the terrace planters will absorb the stormwater. The water is collected and will not seep directly into the building structure.

  • Thermal envelope:

The most important parts of this kind of envelope are outer walls, windows, doors, roof and the foundation. The main purpose of the thermal envelope is that it prevents the transfer of heat from the interiors of the house during the winters and vice versa in summers.

By proper building envelope and waterproofing mechanisms, the durability of any house is increased manifold. The house will last longer and stay stronger no matter what the conditions of weather it has to suffer from.

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