Three Questions to Ask When Deciding What RideShare Company to Call

Three Questions to Ask When Deciding What RideShare Company to Call

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If you need a ride to a bar, work, or want to carpool to an event you are attending with friends, is a great way to find the best company in your area. However with so many options, and many companies offering different levels of service, it might be tough to decipher which is the best for your ride needs. So before you choose to go with Uber or Lyft, or other new companies in the marketplace, ask these questions to make the right decision.

1. Where do you drive? – 
Lyft is far smaller than Uber, meaning their service radius is much smaller. Depending on if you are going to a major metro area or a small rural area, some companies might not offer services where you need a ride. So when deciding on a company to choose for a ride, make sure you know where they drive, where they will pick you up, drop you off, and if there are additional fees for “off the map” locations. Only by comparing a few companies and service areas are you going to find the right one for your transport needs.

2. Are there restrictions (passenger wise)? – 
If you are using rideshare services in order to carpool and split the cost of the bill to work or other destinations, there are different classes of services offered. For example, Uber has the XL service as well as Black service, while Lyft only offers three classes of car options. Whether you are carpooling with 6 people or a couple, the service provider and level you choose will differ. When choosing a company, learn what they offer, how many people can go in one car, and how many destinations or pick up spots you can ask them to stop at, if you are not leaving from the same destination when carpooling with friends.

3. How safe are you? – 
Drivers must be licensed, but this doesn’t mean a driver can’t have previous tickets or violations on their driving record. However, there are “professional” drivers (with Uber) who are safer, and are licensed to drive certain types of vehicles. Depending on how much weight you put into the safety of the drivers, how quickly they will get you to your destination, and how likely it is that they might get into an accident when driving you, it is important to learn about the requirements which are in place for one to work for a rideshare company. The more you know about your driver and company, the easier it will be for you to make the right choice in deciding which one to call the next time you need a ride, and do not want to do the driving yourself.

Whether splitting a ride for ten passengers or two, you have options when choosing a rideshare service provider. Before you do make that decision, make sure you ask these, and other relevant questions you have, pertaining to their services, rates, and safety, to ensure you choose the right company for your commuter needs to and from any destination.