Important Guidelines to Follow for Tree Removal Procedure

Important Guidelines to Follow for Tree Removal Procedure

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In case, you have a significantly huge tree in your backyard, you should arrange for its removal before it actually starts giving trouble. The branches of the tree might start to interfere with the electric lines going over the tree or across it. It would certainly not be a good idea to cut down the tree without any professional assistance. When taking the initiative of cutting the branches or tree on your own, you run the potential risk of causing damage to the house or the electric lines above and across the tree. You should seek assistance from a reliable and reputed tree removal services or company. One good option would be the Assurance Trees Services in Newcastle area.


Professional services offered by the company

Only a reliable and reputed tree removal company would be able to cater to your tree removal needs in the best possible manner. They would offer professional services. They have the requisite tools, equipments and experience to take care of your tree removal needs. They would take utmost care not to cause any substantial damage to the surrounding homes and electric lines. However, before they actually initiate the process, you should have comprehensive knowledge of various factors they would implement in their work.

Factors to consider before tree removal

Underground hazards

Check for underground cables, gas lines and sewer lines near the stump of the tree. They should not be damaged while removing the tree from the stump.

Bylaws of the area

Go through the bylaws governing the removal of tree from private property by a private tree removal company. You should adhere to those bylaws.


The potential tree removal company you intend to hire should be adequately insured. In event of any damage caused to the property or injuries to crew or neighbours, the company should pay for it.


Cutting a huge tree would leave debris, wood and branches to be disposed in a proper manner. These kinds of debris might not be able to fit in the garbage pickup. It would require a professional company having on-site shredder for making the task easy. It would also reduce the disposal costs.

Cost of removal process

The size of the tree would determine the cost of the removal process. The bigger trees would attract huge removal cost. However, the location of the tree along with the complexity of the removal process would also determine the cost for tree removal.


One good option would be to become a member of the Hunter Business Chamber. They would tender to your tree removal problems at a reasonable price.

Author Bio – Aaron Bath is an AQF5 consulting Arborist and Managing Director of Assurance Trees in Maitland NSW. Assurance Trees provide professional tree services, removals, maintenance and planting to residents and businesses in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Hunter Valley NSW.