Don’t Miss These Aspects While Choosing Corporate Gifts!

Don’t Miss These Aspects While Choosing Corporate Gifts!

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Businesses spend insane amount of money on marketing, and a good percentage of the budget also goes in corporate gifts. Giveaways and gifts are a great way to thank customers, peers, patrons and allied partners for their trust, patience, money and efforts, and it makes sense to pick the right products for the purpose. Most brands are interested in choosing things and novelties that would promote their brand, but that isn’t always the ideal thing to do. In this post, we will guide you through a few essential elements that matter in choosing products and gifts for marketing campaigns.

Understand the objective

Every marketing campaign has its own list of objectives, and your choices should depend on these goals. Some of the events are extremely small and often require personalized touch. For example, if you have invited top fifty customers for a special exhibition based on a lucky draw, you would want to consider their choices and preferences before buying anything. The right gift for right customer is an approach that works for certain corporate events. On the other hand, some products are purchased just for promotion. It all depends on the customer base and the specific goals of the campaign.

Fix the budget

If you have an upper limit to the amount you can spend, the options would automatically come down. Talk to the marketing team for the number of pieces you would need for the campaign, which will help in understanding the actual amount you can spend on each gift. Sometimes, a mix of different items may be needed, and knowing the overall budget can help in allocating the right amounts to each type.


Check for options

Today, customers are way more aware of marketing processes, and it isn’t easy to fool them. When you look for corporate gifts, choose the options that would be useful for the customer or may offer better perspective of the brand. From simple things like pen, stationeries and leather products to expensive items like gadgets and electronic goods, the options are far and wide. If you want to show a little more concern for the world, you can even choose green and eco-friendly gifts, which have lasting impression on the contemporary customers.


Since brands need to launch such campaigns time and again, it is also essential to play around with variety. You have to be extra careful about not repeating ideas, especially for the similar campaigns. There are many online stores that offer a wide range of choices for businesses and companies, and you can check with them to get gifts that fit your budget. It is always possible to get special offer and discounts on big and bulk orders, so negotiating with the seller isn’t a bad idea at all. Also, if the order is too large, it is a good idea to contact the seller or manufacturer in advance, so that there is no compromise on print quality due to the lack of time.

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